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What Is the Strip Method of Hair Transplantation?

Published on April 7, 2020

The strip method used for hair transplantation is a method of obtaining follicular parts from the entire donor region as one group. The strip method allows the follicular unit to be extracted intact with its genetic form.

A strip of skin is removed from the donor area with an anesthetic and also from the posterior section of the head and then the two edges of the scalp from where the tape was removed are stitched together.

The scalp is very elastic and when the donor’s hair is removed, the scalp is pulled together and simply saturated. The only scar that remains from the surgery is a thin, horizontal line hidden under the hair on the side or back of the head. After healing, the scar will gradually disappear. Besides, the length of the scar depends usually on the number of grafts needed.

Individual results may vary.