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Neograft for Women Des Moines

Published on September 6, 2019

Hair loss is primarily thought of as a male issue, as hair loss in women doesn’t get talked about as much. That said, hair loss in women isn’t actually rare. Nearly 40% of women experience noticeable hair loss after 60, and as many as 30 million women of various ages in the United States alone are affected by the female hair loss. Hair loss in women can be caused by a variety of factors from heredity to aging, medical conditions to various medications. It is important to understand the underlying issue in order to pursue an effective solution.

Diagnosing the underlying issue can be done through the use of blood tests, a physical exam, and getting a personal history. Hair loss in women can look different and follow different patterns than in men. If you are tired of feeling self-conscious of your hair loss and interested in learning more about how to treat your hair loss with Neograft for Women, contact our office to schedule your consultation today.

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